In-Office Services
Morrisville-Yardley Family Practice has a laboratory on-site and offers a wide array of in-house services and treatments. In addition, a neurologist consultant as well as a cardiologist consultant are in the office once a month.

Please view our in-house services below:
  • accupuncture
  • therapy from manipulation including deep massage ultrasounds, PENS, and trigger point injections
  • minor surgery: skin tags removal, wart removal, biopsy
  • therapeutic magnetic resonance
  • weight management classes
  • nutritional products
  • doppler screening for PAD: a test for blood circulation, and the presence of blood clots in upper and lower extremeties
  • ANSAR: a test of the anatomic nervous system, the blood presense and overall functioning of the nerves
  • oral cancer screening
  • spirometry: a test of the lungs and breathing
  • audio procedures to measure lung functionality
  • electrocardiogram (EKG) which monitors the electrical activity of the heart
  • laceration repair
  • PAP smears and routine GYN exams on site
  • urinalysis
  • drawing blood
  • rapid strep "rapid flu"
  • mono and pregnancy detection
  • skin biopsies
  • toenail removal (for ingrown toenails)
  • acne surgery-removal of blackheads
  • freezing warts and other skin lesions
  • osteopathic spinal manipulation
  • trigger point injections
  • percutaneous electronic nerve stimalution
  • treating injuries from motor vehicle accidents
  • workman's compensation
  • minor splinting
  • immunizations
  • minor eye injuries including corneal abrasions and foreign bodies in the eye
  • driver's physicals
  • skin cancer screening
  • prostate checks

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